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Our Location

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Listen to Absolute Auto Tech owner Jason Ornellas answer auto repair questions every Saturday on the “MOTOR MOUTHS” at 8AM to 9 AM on Radio Station KVEC at 920 AM AND 96.5 FM. Call in on 543-8830 with your questions

Repair Services



At Absolute Auto Tech, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle running at its best. That’s why our team of certified and highly skilled technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch services at our auto repair shop in San Luis Obispo, CA.

From routine maintenance to extensive repairs, Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. will make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly and reliably here in San Luis Obispo. Our services include:

Brakes & Undercar

The auto repair experts at Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair braking systems of all kinds. Our professional technicians can pinpoint the problem, whether it’s something as simple as a brake adjustment or as complex as repairing anti-lock braking systems, and fix the problem quickly and properly so you’re back on the road with peace of mind. 

In addition to your brakes, your vehicle’s undercar requires regular maintenance. For example, your exhaust system needs to be working properly in order for engine trouble to be avoided. You don’t want to be driving down the street and waking up the whole neighborhood with an awful coughing, sputtering engine sound so, be sure to get your muffler inspected every so often to avoid an embarrassingly loud ride.

You should rotate your tires regularly. Rotating your tires regularly helps prevent uneven tread wear. Uneven tread occurs due to the fact that most vehicles don’t distribute weight evenly between the front and rear tires. In general, front tires tend to deteriorate faster than their rear counterparts due to both location and engine weight. By getting regular tire rotations performed tire wear will be distributed more evenly, and tires won’t need to be replaced as frequently.

In addition to extending tire life, routine tire rotation services can also improve your gas mileage, because well-maintained tires reduce rolling resistance, which affects your vehicle’s performance and MPG performance. If you have questions about how often you should rotate your tires, simply ask a member of the friendly staff at Absolute Auto Tech, Inc.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems (Climate Control)

Your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance for increased seasonal performance and operation. These important systems are composed of several smaller components that work in unison to keep your vehicle’s cabin at a comfortable level. Climate control systems can alter and regulate internal temperatures in a vehicle through a cycle of processes.

Although primarily used to maintain the comfort levels of drivers and passengers, at certain times a year maintaining an ideal temperature becomes more important. In severe weather conditions maintaining proper internal climate settings becomes a matter of vehicle safety which is why it is important for vehicle owners to seek climate control system repairs as soon as anything out of the ordinary is noticed.

As soon as any component in your car’s climate control system shows signs of trouble, be sure to give Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. a call. Our friendly, ASE-certified technicians have the know-how and the tools to get your vehicle’s cabin back to its ideal temperature allowing you to regain your comfort while driving.

Most owner’s manuals recommended regular service intervals for your vehicle’s various systems, including climate control. Catching early warning signs and repairing or replacing climate control system components will help you ensure your ability to control air outflow at all times and make your driving life more enjoyable.

Fleet Services

Properly maintaining a vehicle fleet takes knowledge, time and expertise. When you need fleet services in San Luis Obispo, you should turn to experienced, ASE-certified technicians with impeccable credentials.

For a multitude of reasons, having your fleet up and running is incredibly important to your business. You don’t want to leave that responsibility up to just anyone. By utilizing state-of-the art equipment and employing highly skilled technicians, our shop is well-equipped to handle your fleet’s needs, be they big or small.

Some of the fleet services we offer include tire repair, brake repair, alignments, transmission repair, electrical system services, steering maintenance, air conditioning service and more. We are also happy to work with you to set up a preventative fleet vehicle maintenance schedule to help avoid time-consuming (and costly!) repairs down the line and enhance the lifespan of your fleet.
In addition to saving you both time and money, a thoughtfully designed preventative maintenance plan can improve your business’ productivity by avoiding issues with transportation. It can also keep your employees safe and healthy by making sure they’re driving dependable, well-maintained vehicles. Furthermore, staying on top of your fleet’s maintenance will come in handy come inspection time.
When you come to Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. in San Luis Obispo for fleet service, you’ll be dealing with dedicated auto repair professionals who always put the customer first. We take pride in providing you with a high-quality fleet maintenance service to get your vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

To discuss any fleet service needs you might have in San Luis Obispo, be sure to give us a call at (805) 547-1062. Our friendly staff is committed to making sure you enjoy the very best customer experience possible!

Electrical & Ignition System

Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. in San Luis Obispo provides customers with complete vehicle electrical system repair services. The ASE-certified technicians at our San Luis Obispo facility are experienced in the increasingly sophisticated technology that modern automobiles’ electrical systems are composed of, and have the tools required to fix any electrical problem your vehicle might have.

Your vehicle’s electrical system controls various components such as its windows and mirrors, wiring and circuits, starting and charging systems, dashboard instrumentation, lights, anti-lock brakes, and more. If you have problems with your vehicle starting and you’ve determined that the battery or starter isn’t the problem, then it may very well be the electrical system that is causing your issues and you should bring your car into our shop as soon as possible.

At Absolute Auto Tech, Inc., we have the tools required to diagnose what is causing your vehicle not to start and get to the root of whatever electrical issue your vehicle might be having – which could include your ignition system.

Oil Changes

The most important of the many fluids found in your vehicle is undoubtedly its motor oil. Without motor oil, your engine would quickly grind to a halt due to the intense grinding and friction among its many moving parts. In addition to lubricating your engine to ensure it can function properly, motor oil also acts as a coolant for your engine. Every time you drive your car, the engine heats up at a rapid rate. Motor oil is designed to help to regulate your engine’s temperature.

With motor oil performing so many duties, it’s no wonder that it needs to be changed regularly. As a rule of thumb, you should have your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the oil used in your engine. Also, it’s not a bad idea to have a mechanic check your levels and consistency before hitting this deadline. If you go beyond the recommended mileage threshold without getting an oil change done, the oil in your vehicle will thicken and become unable to properly lubricate your engine which could lead to major problems.

Call Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. at (805) 547-1062 if you’d like to schedule an oil change for your vehicle.

Steering, Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Your steering & suspension system provides a smooth, stable ride while ensuring proper ground clearance. In the majority of suspension systems, springs and shocks/struts work together to absorb road impact and prevent bouncing and swaying. Given that shocks and struts are responsible for keeping your wheels in contact with the road, replacing them every 50,000 miles or so will generally help improve your vehicle’s handling and braking efficiency.

The condition of your steering and suspension system also has a major impact on wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment is critical to maintaining your vehicle’s ability to drive in a straight line. If your wheels get out of alignment, your vehicle might start pulling to one side or the other – problematic for handling as well as your safety. Premature tire wear is another potential problem that can arise from improper wheel alignment, which is another reason to get your alignment checked regularly, as part of a dynamic preventative maintenance plan to catch potential problems before they become serious.

Steering and suspension components are critical to the safe and comfortable operation of your vehicle. We are well-versed in noise/vibration diagnostics, so if you’re hearing or feeling anything out of the ordinary when operating your vehicle, be sure to get in touch with us today. Our friendly experienced team is dedicated to keeping you safely on the road year-round.

General Auto Repair

Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. is the one-stop auto repair shop you’ve been looking for, providing a complete range of car care services. Fully equipped to handle any and all of your vehicle’s maintenance/repair needs. Our state-of-the-art automotive center in San Luis Obispo offers computerized diagnostics and factory scheduled maintenance checks. Our talented team of ASE-certified technicians has the tools and know-how to tackle any issue on most makes and models on foreign or domestic vehicles.

From basic preventative maintenance, to full-service repairs, Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. is your best choice for quality car care in San Luis Obispo. We pride ourselves on delivering quality services and exceptional client care.
Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers on the road and extending the life of their car, truck or SUV. Our shops exceed industry standards for service excellence, and we provide detailed estimates and qualified guidance to our customers in order to assist them in making informed repair decisions.

We’re also very strong proponents of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance will extend the lifespan of your vehicle, save you money and maybe even save your life. Being proactive is always a good policy, so be sure to bring your vehicle into our shop at regular intervals to have preventative maintenance performed, and let our professional technicians sort out any issues that might be coming or which you have not yet noticed.

Our preventative maintenance and general auto repair services include safety inspections, windshield wiper replacement, headlight checks, factory scheduled maintenance, starting and charging system maintenance, pre-purchase inspections, tune-ups, oil changes, clutch & differential maintenance, engine repair, belt replacements, fuel system checks, spark plug replacements, warning light checks and more!


When it comes to vehicle safety, having reliable tires is as important as it gets. Wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s tires is a natural part of the driving process and there is no set time frame on how often you’ll need new tires, as it can depend greatly on your driving style. Drivers who don’t drive much, but travel on rough roads, will sometimes need to replace their tires just as frequently as someone who puts a lot of miles on their car. It’s also important to keep weather in mind–you don’t want to enter the rainy season with bald tires!

At Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. our experienced, honest staff members will help you decide which type of tires are best for your vehicle based on your driving routine. Some key indicators of needing to replace your vehicle’s tires include:


    Thin threads on your tires (if you use the tried-and-true “penny test” and you can’t see Lincoln’s head, you need new tires!)

  • WEAR

    The wear bar indicator is visible


    There are visible cracks on your tire’s sidewall


    Any abnormality in shape due to bulges and blisters

If you have questions about how often you should rotate your tires, the type of tires we carry, or all the other repair services we offer, simply ask a member of the friendly staff at Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. Give us a call at (805) 547-1062 – we’re always happy to help!

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are extremely important to your vehicle’s health. This vital component moves your car through the gears as it increases and decreases in speed, meaning that when it isn’t working, your engine won’t be able to work properly.
There are two main types of transmissions – manual and automatic. Both have positive and negative traits, but they also both require regular maintenance in order to continue operating at a high level.
Cars with manual transmissions (stick shift/clutch) tend to have a lower purchase price than those with automatic transmissions. They also use less fuel, accelerate quicker and are (generally) less expensive to maintain. The downside of manual transmissions is that more effort is required for drivers to learn how to use them properly and they can be somewhat cumbersome in bad traffic conditions.
Automatic transmissions, meanwhile, afford car owners the freedom to drive with relative ease and not worry about shifting gears while keeping their eyes on the road and negotiating braking, accelerating, etc. This style of transmission is also gentler on the drive train when compared to an improperly driven manual transmission.
No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, at some point you will experience issues with it as your odometer racks up the miles. Some common transmission problems include leaking fluid, funny sounds (whining or humming in particular), gears not shifting properly and the check engine light coming on.

If you notice any of these problems, be sure to call Absolute Auto Tech, Inc. right away. Our friendly, ASE-certified technicians are versed in transmission repair. We have extensive experience working on both foreign and domestic vehicles, so be sure to get in touch with us ASAP if you have any questions/concerns regarding your transmission.

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